UCD Conway Flow Cytometry Summer School 2015

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UCD Conway Flow Cytometry Summer School 2015
University College Dublin, Dublin
25th - 29th May 2015

Once again, I’am happy to announce registration for this comprehensive basic course with a balanced combination of instructors from academia and instrument specialists.

This course is developed for scientists in academia and industry using flow cytometry to support their research, enhance experimentation strategies by developing high standards of practice and explore new applications & employ contemporary methods with the latest instrumentation.

The course will be delivered in five blocks comprising seminars (morning) and practical sessions (afternoon) covering:

- Introduction to flow cytometry: principles and data analysis
- FC instrumentation
- FC applications; Apoptosis, cell cycle & physiology
- FC applications; Immunology & phagocytosis
- FC applications in industry & synergies with allied technologies

Specified Activities:
▪ In advance of seminars, participants will be required to undertake a review of current literature on the development and application of this technology to particular areas of research.
▪ During the afternoon sessions participants will undertake practical sessions (3x5 hrs) involving online & offline exercises relating to acquisition, analysis and re-analysis of samples. An MCQ session (Block 3) and an online analysis exercise (Block 4) will be part of the final evaluation.
▪ At the end of the course, PhD student participants wishing to attain 2.5 ECTS will undertake a problem-based assessment.

Hurry up! Limited spaces available. Early bird rate applies before Friday, 17th April 2015.

Enquiries: conway@ucd.ie
Further details: www.ucd.ie/conway