SIC 2017

Congress of the Iberian Society for Cytometry

Lisbon will be hosting the XV Congress of the Sociedad Ibérica de Citometria (SIC), in May 2017

The Organizing Committee, along with the SIC board, wish this event to be a time of scientific networking, in which clinicians, basic researchers, and companies could be in close contact. Such interaction will be beneficial for everyone and will certainly help to develop new instruments, software and improve working protocols to move the field of cytometry.

The Organizing Committee has put together a remarkable list of speakers, to cover state-of-the-art technologies, as well as a broad range of clinical and research flow cytometry applications.
You will have plenty of time to expand your contacts and deepen your knowledge on flow cytometry and its advances in the recent years.

SIC Congress will have:
- Workshops on clinical and research applications of cytometry
- Plenary sessions highlighting the best of Iberian-made and international cytometry
- Parallel sessions with selected oral presentations
- Poster presentations